Feature Artist



Tell us a little about yourself   

I was born in Melbourne and moved to Tasmania in my teens. I have two children and started my first retail business selling farmhouse furniture. I studied design at University in Tasmania and eventually moved back to Melbourne.


Describe your style?                                      

 I am a country girl at heart who just loves to get lost in the city vibe. I keep a low profile, need the hustle and bustle of the city but hold on to the romantic notion of the simple, pure, country life.


What inspires you?

The nature within an animal inspires me to try to recreate this with paint and brush.  I want my works to be easy to understand, bring peace and to sit comfortably like a good friend.


How has your painting evolved?                                               

I have been painting as my source of income for 5 years now.  I have always painted, not always on board but furniture, country style floors and walls. I have owned two design shops working with vintage farmhouse furniture and furnishings. I decided to take it online.  I painted artworks to help stage the furniture. I was getting so many sales of the artwork, that it just grew.


Why do you enjoy painting?

I love the smell, the textures and the mess. I get lost in the images, it challenges me, pushes me to understand light fall, negative space, shading, where different muscles lay on individual animals, where their strength lies in their bodies as you study their form.


Some highlights of your artistic life?

The greatest achievement is that I can do this for a living. I am so grateful that people have supported my work. I am so thankful to the people who have seen value in what I do. I have no ambition but to give joy to the people who find happiness in my paintings.


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